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Our Plate Polishing Is In The Guggenheim…

It actually is- and a lot more! Our work is prominent in many architecturally significant projects and applications. The Air Force Memorial in DC, the entrances to the Freedom Tower at Ground Zero, and the exteriors of hundreds of clean room pharmaceutical tanks all share the same thing; the exact same attention to detail and quality!

Do one thing extremely well, have it recognized, become the standard for 43 years.

That’s why when service centers stock our finish, they do so knowing it can be sold into any use and application, process vessel or museum architectural. There’s no “good #4,” there’s just our #4…or #6, or #7, or any Ra you can name.

Since the beginning, the quality and attention to detail integral to our finishes are never compromised regardless of where it’s used.

Zero risk ~ real value ~ repeatable results…with folks you’ll enjoy working with!

Take a moment to see what “Best of Brand” looks like in the polishing world.

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